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Krik Krak

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Interesting Literary Translations in Haitian Creole

To afford children who speak languages of limited diffusion, such as Haitian Creole, all the benefits of traditional literary work, some poems, nursery rhymes were translated from the public domain in their language thanks to our Haitian Creole translators at Letspeak.

Let's get started! Once upon a time...Il était une fois...Krik Krak!

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Nursery Rhymes in Haitian Creole

Here's a list of well known nursery rhymes tanslated into Haitian Creole:

* Kay Jak Te Bati A  (English-Haitian Creole)
* Youn, De, Mare Soulye (Haitian Creole)
* Little Bo-Peep (English - Haitian Creole)

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Fairy Tales in Haitian Creole

Interesting titles:

* The Search for Lorna from the Daisy Stories Series (English-Haitian Creole)
* The Surprise from the Daisy Stories Series (English-Haitian Creole)

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Other Linguistic Jokes and Titles in English, Haitian Creole and French

You will enjoy some of the linguistic jokes and serious topics in this section:

* Yo is Dead (English - Haitian Creole)
* Le Scolarisé Haitien: Âme Créole, Masque Français (French)
* Poukisa Pou Nou Aprann Li? (Haitian Creole)

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