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Yo is Dead
By Woodring Saint Preux
With the Author's permission, the Haitian Creole insertions were edited by [email protected]

There is a Gentleman in the Haitian Community who, for many years, has caused nothing but trouble. This Gentleman has NO FACE, He's never been seen by anyone, but he has the ability to spread news and gossip faster than the National Inquirer.

He is only known as "YO"... He does NOT have a last name... He has no family... and... No one seems to know where he came from. I doubt if he is even Haitian!

"YO" is everywhere... (YO tou patou) "YO" is in Haiti... (YO ann Ayiti) "YO" is in every Haitian Community... (YO nan tout zòn).  "YO" knows everybody's business (YO konnen zafè tout moun).  "YO" badmouths everybody (YO pale tout moun mal).  "YO" always sticks his nose where it doesn't belong... (YO toujou antre bouch li nan sa ki pa gade l).

"YO" is the main reason Haitians cannot get along. "YO" is the main reason Haitians cannot trust each other. If you are Haitian and you are not talking to another Haitian at this time, I will bet you $1,000, you had a conversation at one point in time that started with... "YO DI." "YO pale ou mal." "YO pa vle wè w." "YO pare yon pyèj pou ou." "YO pa vle biznis ou mache." "YO pa vle wè gouvènman an." The last one cost my father Galbaud Saint Preux and his brother Wilfrid Saint Preux SIX years in prison at the PENITENCIER NATIONAL under papa doc. "YO" is the main reason why... "

Every Haitian wants to leave their community. " Haitians cannot do business together. " No Haitian trust the other Haitian brother or sister. " No Haitian ever die of natural causes... it's always "voodoo this, voodoo that." " No Haitian Government is ever good enough." No Haitian Businessman is ever honest.

As you can see... "YO" has been destroying HAITI and it's people for almost 200 years now. I have great news! YO IS DEAD! May He Rests In Peace! In order for the Haitian Social Revolution to begin, "YO" had to die... The next time someone comes to you and tells you "YO DI", I want you tell him or her that... "It's a lie, Woodring Saint Preux told me that YO is DEAD. If YO is dead, how can YO say anything?"

For the sake of our community, it is very important that this message reaches every single Haitian person worldwide. Di tout moun nan lang manman nou... YO mouri! YO pa ka pale moun mal ankò. YO pa ka fè tripotay ankò. YO pa ka fè detwi fanmi ak zanmi moun ankò. Li te lè, li te tan pou YO te mouri. Now that YO is DEAD, The Haitian Community has a chance to unite, put their differences aside, and walk forward towards a better tomorrow. I usually feel bad when someone is dead. But today... I am quite happy to be sharing this news with you.

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